We provide cost efficient value adding solutions

Tailor Made and Lightweight

Neat user friendly user interfaces accessible via web.

CARAVY is an internationally focused consulting company,

we provide cost efficient value adding solutions.

Our years of experience in providing financial advice to family businesses and small to medium-sized companies, as well as running our successful consulting business, helped us identify two core factors for successful business management – cost saving and efficiency. Both can be achieved by automatizing most of the day-to-day tasks and processes through fully integrated IT solutions.

SolutionsCost Efficient
Some large players offer technologies and software that are wrapped in expensive and heavy application suites that do not match the criteria of cost efficiency. That is why we create our own bespoke software solutions to help streamline business operations and better manage enterprise resources.

Tailor Made and Lightweight
A solution built according to the client’s specific requirements, will provide only those modules and tools that are actually required by the client.

Accessible from Everywhere
This in turn leads to a simple and neat user-friendly interface accessible via web. For example, our customized ERP solution meets the client’s needs, is cost effective and virtually maintenance free. Customized tools, such as email alerts, can easily be included.
The database used by our BI or ERP solution can be integrated with an existing bookkeeping platform or can be a fully segregated database.


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